Let’s try something different

Today I will do something different. Usually i write about Anime, my strain of though or fantasy but today we will write some lets call it pre-erotica 😀 The reason is simple. Yesterday my colleague from work had a pretty nice cleavage and of course since we know each other for some while now we... Continue Reading →

My first fear

One of my first memories is being washed in a hospital sink. I was about 2 at the time and still not able to do it myself. Seems I was a slow learner 😀 Few years ago I went to visit my former foster family. They were taking care of me from the age of 4... Continue Reading →


Two years ago the Martian came out. It was a huge success at the cinema. I wanted to go see it but then my friend asked me :" Did you know it is based on a book? A good book."  I must admit I did not know so I decided to read it before going... Continue Reading →

How MILK changed my values

Since the beginning of time we have been influenced by our surroundings. At the beginning we were hunter gatherers and socialized in small packs. Those were the simple but hard times. You hunted creatures that you can eat and tried to make sure that bigger creatures do not hunt you. It was a survival game.... Continue Reading →

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