India – day 1 : Warm welcome

So the day has finally arrived and I have safely landed in New Delhi. The long awaited adventure can start. After the 2 hour wait i the Visa line I have stepped outside the airport to breathe some fresh Indian air. Since people heard I will be going here I have been warned about the... Continue Reading →


I’m back and going on Vacation

Hi all, I must apologise since I have not posted anything for a while. ย Well on of the reasons is of course that during summer I try to avoid using the computer as much as possible. The other and main reason was that I decided to focus a little bit on work and the benefits... Continue Reading →

Anime fight of the month

It is no secret that I love anime so again some for you. ย As a boy in a man's body the coolest part of any anime series are the fights. So i decided to share the most coolest fight this month. Most of you have already seen it but for who have not this could... Continue Reading →

Let’s try something different

Today I will do something different. Usually i write about Anime, my strain of though or fantasy but today we will write some lets call it pre-erotica ๐Ÿ˜€ The reason is simple. Yesterday my colleague from work had a pretty nice cleavage and of course since we know each other for some while now we... Continue Reading →

My first fear

One of my first memories is being washed in a hospital sink. Iย was about 2 at the time and still not able to do it myself. Seems I was a slow learner ๐Ÿ˜€ Few years ago I went to visit my former foster family. They were taking care of me from the age of 4... Continue Reading →

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