Nameless part 1

It is a cold morning in the small village of who the fudge cares. The grass is green, the trees are existing and the pigs are screaming for their life. To be honest they are not screaming for their life but just for food. If you have never heard a pig scream you could swear it was being slaughtered. But today was not that day, it was just hungry, and when a pig is hungry it sings the song of its people. Our young hero wakes up and starts his day in the usual manner. First he has the regular morning crying cause he does not want to get out of bed. During that time he dreams of adventure, love, travels, dragons and if at all possible a toilet which is connected directly to his small wooden shack. For our young hero who has to walk 50 meters to do his business no matter the weather, this seem like a dream that will never come true. He tried to do it by himself but then his nose realised why a civilized farmer keeps it 50 meters away. His neighbor talked about some magical land where they use water to get rid of the feces but to the common farmer this seems as reasonable as saying that a dog can fly if he puts his mind into it. So after finishing the morning walk to the mentioned place our young hero started his farm work or to be precise with feeding the already mentioned hungry screaming pigs that wake up half the village.

Now you are waiting for some twist. A tale how the young hero is actually a lost prince or the chosen one that will save the people from the evil Dragon, Demon, ghoul or just shitty king. Sadly this is not the fate of our young hero who even does not have a name. Now you are asking yourself what is the point of this book. Will I read about stinky toilets all the time and is the most interesting thing going to be how good the corn harvest was. Do not be alarmed my dear reader. The person you are reading about is not the chosen one but still he will go on the adventure of his life. Just not the way he expected. He will not save a princes, won’t fight dragons and will not learn magic. To be honest he will not be a hero at all. The fate of the young farmer is a little different. To explain it in simple words. He is not the hero but the guy who will challenge the hero on every aspect of his being. You are thinking why do we need such a guy and why do we need to read about him. Well the answer is simple : I do not know. I am just starting the story and not everything is thought out at the moment. Maybe I will make him the hero later or the antihero. My advice is just read the story and hope for the best.
Now that we got that out of the picture lets start with the main character. He is the kind of guy that you can not say if he is tall or short, has blond hair of black, big or small nose. For some reason he has no noticeable presence in a room. I see that you are struggling with this concept so I will explain. Remember when you were little and your parents were talking and what ever you tried to do they ignored you. Well for our main character this never stoped. He lives in the village for many years and most of the people keep forgetting his name, where he lives and why are they talking to him. For some reason our young farmer never noticed this and thought that this is normal. To make thing more clear if you life by the same conditions all your life you get used to it and think it is normal. You do not question reality that you live in, even when you are 5 years old and you mother keeps forgetting to feed you and sometimes even asks you the simple question : Who are you, where did you come from and most importantly why are you in your underwear. For our “hero” this was  a everyday conversation so he did not mind.

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  1. Is this a kind of life story with a fictional character?
    With us it’s the rooster that wakes up everyone, you have a pig to wake up 😀
    Lots of success with your story en site
    Best regards, Heidi

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