Nameless part 2

The pigs are fed and there is finally peace at the farm. it is time to do some real farm work. The corn seed was spread so it is time to fertilize it. It is simple but smelly work cause all you do is spread pig shit all over the field. Luckily for our young protagonist this will have to wait for what it seem a longer period then you would expect. As he was standing knee deep on the mountain of pig shit he noticed smoke coming from the village. Usually he would ignore it but there was something troubling about the smoke. It was not small. On the contrary it seemed to be quite big and like it has a mind of his own. So what do you do in this situation. The hero would run to see what is happening and maybe help others, the coward would run from the fire and hope that it does not reach his farm. Our protagonist did not have these thoughts. At first he enjoyed the sight and try to see shapes in the smoke.This lasted for a few minutes and now was time to continue trowi shit from his feet to the wagon. Few moments later as new smell became noticeable and very familiar. It smelled like roasted pig. So when you are standing in a pile of shit and smell a roasted when no one is around you start feeling confused. Then it happened. The moment that changed our protagonists whole life. He saw his fellow villagers running towards him. First he thought how great they finally remembered his birthday. But moments later he saw something else. They were not running towards him, they were running away from something. That something was strong and fierce. It was an army that was chasing them and cutting them open like meat pies. At that moment he realised the smell of roasted pig is actually smell of burning human flesh. Most people at that moment would start running for their lives but not our protagonist. He stood still, it was the fear, he could not move. And what is the point, he is on foot and the army is on horses. You can run for a few minutes and die or have one last smoke and die still. So he rolled one up and started to smoke. At that moment he remembered that he heard somewhere that smoking will kill him eventually but he never expected that will be true and especially that smoking will bring a blade to your neck. His fellow villagers ran past him without even noticing him. This was normal cause when you run for you life you do not notice people around you and the beauty of the nature. After them the army followed and did the same. They ignored him completely. It was because of his special skills not to be noticeable so again it was no surprise. But still looking everybody being slaughtered in front of you and no body gives u attention can feel kind a bad a way. At one point he started yelling : “ Am I not worthy to be killed like the rest of my village”. Nobody bothered and just continued doing what they did at the time. The villagers ran and the army men sharpened their blades on the bone of the villagers. They even had wagers who would kill more. The only problem is that in battle it is very hard to count. First of all you are busy by killing and surviving and if that is not enough the common soldier math skills are not really impressive. To explain it is hard to count holding a sword cause you can not use your fingers to keep track. After the battle was over they made camp and started to celebrate their victory with some well deserved drinks and meat. They were lucky, right near where they finished off all the villagers there was a small farm with a few pigs. They decided to roast them. They knew the owner of the pigs will not mind. How could he, he is dead somewhere in the field. Or so they thought. The owner of course was still sitting in the pile of shit and stared at them with anger, disgust and disappointment. Was he not worthy to be killed or they just to not want to step in pig shit? Then it hit im : “ They just do not realise he is here”. So our protagonist decided to test how truly invisible he is.


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