Nameless part 3

Music was playing and song were in the air. Pigs were roasting and mead was going down throats in waterfalls. The only thing that was missing was some girls dancing. This is the problem when you have to much fun slaughtering a village that you forget to keep to girls for later. So with time the casual brawl began. Little did they know that the night is not going to end well for most of them. First people randomly began falling on the floor. A knife would can do it to you. The only thing was nobody really saw their fellow solders being stabbed. One minute you are poring yourself a drink and the next you find it difficult to drink at all. When you are missing the part of your body from the neck down, swallowing tend to be problematic. Panic started to sprout and trust among fellow combatans was lost. A figh for survival started. Soldiers were turning against each other with one purpose : “SURVIVE”. As you can not trust nobody you start using your primal instinct to kill first and ask questions later. At the end the field was full of blood, guts and shit. At the midle of a field stod a man, you could not distinguish was he tall or short, white od black and good or bad. Only think you could hear was the laughter. Not just any laughter, it was the laughter of a man who lost the little he had and for the first time lived. That man will later be known as the “SHADOW OF BLOOD”.


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