To label somebody. It is so simple. All my life I was surrounded by people who were labelling other and I must admit I probably did the same. The easiest example was the music. You either listened to rock, rap, folk, techno and ……  When I was in high school it was all about labelling, and it went mostly about music. The reason for it was simple. If you listen to rock music you were dressing like it and were mostly hanging you with people who did the same. Also for going out you only went to specific places that played your music. So you see depending on the music you were living life in that way.

For me it was different. I like music. I can not say what is the best genre, and I will never do that. In every genre I love a song, be that rock, metal, rap, jazz, classical and of course that also includes hits like ” We Are One (Ole Ola)” from Pitbull and some Japanese Anime music to 😀 So I was not really part of any group in that matter. Most of the time I got to a discussion with someone about music and I said which bands I liked in their genre I got the same response : ” So you are listening to commercial music”. That sometimes made you feel like an outsider. But then I realised why my life is better and more open. It is for a simple reason : ” I am not limited by music”. In my life I have been to clubs/festivals/concerts in almost every genre. When I go out I am not limited to 2 clubs of my music choice but can go wherever I want to go. Because for me it is all about one thing : ” Enjoy the time with people around you”.

To make my point more clear I will tell you a short story. A few months ago I was leaving my country to move for the first time abroad. As I like to have a proper goodbye I organized a party in the company I was working at the moment. We were drinking for a few hours and then one of the coalleagues told us she has to go to a concert of a local Croatian singer because her friends were waiting for he. in few minutes all of us said : ” We will go with you”. Me for instance never listened to this singer and would never by myself buy a ticket for the concert. But as all my friends from work were going I sad lets go. This was on of the best nights out in my life. We danced, we laughed, we drank ( even to much) and after the concert was a after party. I even hooked up with a girl who was there for the same reason as me. So if I had predjudice because this concert did not fit my label I would miss that great experience.

Final statement : Don’t let labels define your life. Go to get as much eperience as you can because it is not where you are but with who you are there.


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