Nameless part 4

Today was not a day like any other. The birds were not singing and there were no more pigs to scream. Young man stood on the field with a question on his mind :”What now?” The field is full of bodies and it seems it would be to much of work to remove them. The harvest made from blood also does not appear very appealing. The only think he knew was that he is hungry. Luckily there were some roasted pigs still on the sticks. Considering that they were his he felt like he deserved to feast on them. During the feast the answer became clear. There is nothing to do here anymore. It is time to move on, explore the world. He was always thinking about leaving the safety of the village but it seemed as such a hassle.  Now nothing is keeping him here and this is the perfect opportunity. The problem is where to go.  In his life he had heard about large cities on mountain tops, rivers and even a story about a city in the sky. But as always this seemed like stories for little children and nobody left the village before. As there is no more village it is time for him to be the first to go and explore the world. He made a plan. First of all he need to clean up. It is not wise to travel dirty and covered in blood. Next of course he need some provisions so that he does not have to hunt every day. This is the biggest problem for him since he was never good in hunting. Well he had a problem with killing before but somehow he managed last night so this did not worry him. He went to the river to wash himself in the cold water. He took of his unmentionables and jumped in the cold water. The water was refreshing and energizing so he decided to take a swim. At one point he noticed that he is not alone. It seems on the other side again someone had the same idea as him. Scared he swam out of the water and decided to go around the back to see who is it : A soldier or a villager.  He dried off quietly and began to sneak to the other side of the river. The sneak lasted 10 minutes cause he wanted to be sure that the person on the other side will notice a figure in she grass. When he got closer he saw something he did not expect. It was not a soldier, nor a villager. Quite the opposite, it was a girl. A girl he did not know, and naked as the deities have made her. It was the first time he saw a naked woman so the feeling he had were conflicted. First like any man he was aroused, watching her swim in all her glory was for a man a sensual thing.  She did it splendidly, the way she swam was so graceful and beautiful, like a mermaid. Her skin was white and it appeared to be very soft. That made one thing clear : ” She is not a villager”. No village girl has such a splendid complexion and so clear body. Farm work does not help you in that. At that moment he became scared. If she is not from the village what is she doing here and why is she so relaxed. At the moment he saw it, the tatoo. Not just and tatoo, it was a tatoo of the Dragon Queen Grzelczak.




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