Anime wisdom

I had a discussion a while ago about what is my passion. It was weird cause I saw myself not being able to respond immediately. I have a lot of hobbies but I do not consider them to be my passion. First of all I am a hyper-energetic guy so I can not stand still for a long time and am always interested in a lot of things so I try them all. As for that I do not stick for a long time with them. Then it hit me : “Anime”. I have been watching anime since I was 7 years old and have never really stopped. In fact I watch it more that regular TV shows. With this post I will try to  explain why I love it so much and think of it as my passion.


First of all you get to escape from the harsh reality of life. Unless you are born rich and healthy, life is not easy. As I was born without those benefits I escaped to the world of imagination. Anime was the best for that since it gives you the struggle of life but also motivates you to continue and fight for yourself.

Nakama : In anime this is one of the most important lessons you will learn.

So what is Nakama? If you translate it with google translate you will get : friend, companion and associate. If you add all 3 translations together you will get close to the meaning. Nakama represent a battle companion that is always there for you , to be more precise he is a part of family. Family that you were not forced into. Family that you created with bonds of friendship.

The music : It sound weird I know, but music is an important part of Anime. Think of it like this : Everything you do is more fun with music.  To illustrate here is a short clip from one of my favorite Anime movies.  Also what I like about the music that it is so diverse and can be used in a lot of real life situations. When I go running I usually listen to anime tracks which inspire me to put more to exercise, because the music is good and sometimes you remember the scenes from the Anime that motivate you to train more.


The motivation : This is related to music but Anime has this motivating effect on people. It is easy, when you combine the story and the music with the montage of a protagonist training hard to complete his goal, you get the feeling that you can do this to. This was also true for me. Few years ago I was overweight and it was hard to start exercising. After some time I decided to watch animes that cover the story of a main protagonist getting stronger and used that to make me do the same. When I was not up to it I just watched a few episodes and pushed trough it. The end result is that I have lost 30 kg and am still training   few times a week.

The wisdom : This one is easy. Anime is emotional and the stories are quite complex. The characters go trough painful situations and grow from them. In that you can learn and become a more wise person yourself.  It is hard to explain by word but luckily I have a video that does that suits as a perfect example : Fairy tail

I will create more posts on this topic so you can look forward to it.  Tell me your experience in the comments bellow 😀



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