A real adventure at the kebap line

I am browsing Berlin and with all the sites and beauty of the city people are telling  me to try the famous Mustafa Kebap. I was thinking how is it that somebody made a local food corner to be so famous so I decided to go see it.

Imagine my surprise when I got there and realised that i will have to wait for more than an hour to get a kebap. The line is long and people are taking more then 1 piece at a time which makes it even longer. It was good luck than I was not alone and I had friends to keep me company. After some time i realised one thing : This is a social thing. People are socializing with others in line and it was actually fun.

There is a liquor store next door so you can get a beer while you wait and most people did just that. Soon the communication started. The biggest question for all was :” Is it worth the wait?”. Most of the people there were first time and came for the same reason as me to try and see.  We finally found some people that had tried it before and they assured us it is worth to wait.  We talked with a lot o people but for me the most interesting was a young Syrian – Turkish gay couple. Those guys were students and met in Berlin. To be honest I was really surprised cause they were were romantic to each other and kissing a lot, especially cause as far as I know it in their religion it still a big taboo and in their countries they could be punished. This just shows how Berlin is an open city and why everybody is so friendly there.

After more than an hour we were almoust there but at that moment they ran out of meat and we had to wait for additional 20 minutes for the new one to bake.


Since we waited for so long we decided we do not care now and we simply must try it.

Now the scary part

At the moment when I finally ordered my kebap and the guy was garnishing it so nice the mass panic started. An Arab guy started to trash the Curry wurst store next to us and started to run towards us. Everybody ran on the street except a few of us. You could see the panic in people’s eyes. It is to be expected cause Berlin has been under a lot of terrorist threats and people are more cautious. They even had a big incident a few months ago with a Garbage truck going through the Christmas market. To be honest I would have ran too but I was so close to the kebap and I saw that the guy did not have a weapon or a bomb. I grew up in Balkan so we have a better radar for those kind of situations.

The guy was yelling something in Arab and started to go toward the kebap place and then the gill master did the coolest and saddest thing I could imagine. He trew my kebap to the ground and took the machete with which he slices the kebap and started to run towards the attacker.


The sad part of course was that my kebap was on the ground and I hate wasting of food. But as soon as the attacker ran saw he started to run and has not come back. The grill master just came back and said sorry for this and can you repeat your order.  I decided I want 2 kebap’s now cause after all of this I deserve to threat myself 😀

The police came but after I got my kebap and everybody got back in to line :


I must admit the kebap was worth the wait cause it was excellent and I never knew you can fry vegetables that way.  Also when you combine it with all the people you socialize during the wait it is more like a prep for going out.

Also look how good it looks : close-up-of-hc3a4hnchen-gemc3bcse-dc3b6ner-at-mustafas-gemc3bcse-kebap-in-berlin-1024x682

So have you tried it yet? Tell me about your experience 😀



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