What I learned about family from Anime

Hi all,

It has been one week since a wrote a blog post and I think it is time to do it. The thing is this week was crazy at work so did not really have time to focus on the writing but still want to express a little. I had coffee with a girl that I meet the other day and we have started discussing family and our point on it.

So here is my point :

“The family you create is more important than the one you were born into.”

My family situation is different cause in my story I have two families and because of that I have never felt very connected to them. Both seemed forced upon me.  But that is when I realised that Family is something you create and that is why for me family does not have to have blood relations. You create bonds of friendship and then you become family.

I do not want to write more about my family situation and I think that Anime explains my point much better then I could ever have.

This is an Anime Story Music Video which shows the power and feeling of a family you created your self. To make it more understandable the Guild is their Family 😀


Let me know how you feel about it 😀



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