The story of my life – Part 1 ( Clawing out )

This is the hardest part for a writer or even a guy who just dreams to become one like me. You need to have a text that we make the reader want to stay after a few sentences and if you are trying to write the story of your life you do feel naked in front of the reader. So dear reader please bear with me and I hope you will not regret it. I will provide you with happiness, sorrow and adventure if you give me the chance. Just to be clear I am not taking you to an adventure I will just try to write about my dreams adventures and life events that made me the man I am. To be precise the man I am from my perspective is not the perfect example but I want to share my thoughts about the past and share my plans for future changes and endeavours.

So lets start with the basics. The year is 1985 and the place is a small town in north Croatia. It is a day like any other. Maybe worm, maybe cold, maybe it rained. I can no tell for sure cause I was mostly focused on getting out of the comfort of my mother’s womb. I like to think that was a special day for the world but to be honest it was a day like any other. Woman is screaming from pain, the baby is crying cause it was snatched from the only home it knew at that time and of course there is a doctor who is doing the ritual smacking of the ass on the baby and maybe the nurse. After that the typical wrapping in the blanked and the normal tears of joy.  After that it was a little different for me cause I was adopted but we will get to it in one of the future posts.

Often I imagined that my birth has some significance for the world and that i will be somebody who will change it all. Make the world a better place or save it.

I found the perfect video that shows my vision ( And yes it is from an Anime D ) :



It would be fun to think of it this way but the reality is that we were born but in real life we were born and it depends on us what will we be.  I still try to make the dream true and be of importance to the world. At least a little bit 😀




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