My first Anime and learning German

Hi Readers,

As you probably noticed one of the topics on my blog is Anime. Well it is normal cause Anime is a huge part of my life. This got me thinking about when did it all start and I got the answer soon.

I was 7 years old an my parents got a satellite dish. When we connected it I discovered that we have 50 German channels and 1 English. As the english channel was BBC I was focused on the German ones, and as I was a kid I was only interested in cartoons.  So after browsing thought the channels I saw one “cartoon” about soccer.


It was Kickers


I loved the Anime. It was natural as it was animated and about soccer. Which little boy does not like soccer 😀 So I watched it every day and after some time my parents started noticing something. I was sitting at the TV and seemed like I understood what is going on.  At one point my father started asking me things in German and I responded. It seems that I just learned a language from watching “cartoons”.

So with that I started watching more “cartoons” and then I found Captain Tsubasa 


I must admit i love this one more. I knew the opening by heart and when I played soccer I use to sing it in my head every day to motivate me 😀

Later of course i watched Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon and the Legendary Dragonball.  Only when I was in highschool somebody told me : “Man those are not cartoons but Anime” and that there is a club that does viewings every Saturday. I went the next saturday and there I was finally amongst my people and learned a lot about anime and why I should love it 😀

I remember that the first time I came to the meeting we were watching Nausicaa


Also it was love at first sight and that made me watch it more then ever.

At this time I still watch almost every day and follow new episode. I must admit I am more exited for a new episode of Anime then for Game of Thrones.

And one last realisation : Anime thought me German and German got me a great job outside my Country so you can say Anime improved me and my life style 😀

So tell me more about you first Anime experience and how it influenced your life?




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