Let’s try something different

Today I will do something different. Usually i write about Anime, my strain of though or fantasy but today we will write some lets call it pre-erotica 😀

The reason is simple. Yesterday my colleague from work had a pretty nice cleavage and of course since we know each other for some while now we commented in the best way we could. The first comment was the usual : “You have a date after work?”.  As that was not the case she admitted that she did not notice in the morning that the cleveage will be so big and she felt a little uncomfortable because of that. One thing led to another and I promised that I will write something about her cleveage to make her feel better.


This is the result of this :

Tuesday, not as bad as Monday but still Friday is so far away, After the morning cry/shower it was time to go to the office. I really was not feeling like working today but you have to eat and my manager insist on me doing the work to get paid. I should state that food is my biggest passion so for once I had to listen to my boss. I enter the office and suddenly I realise I have a smile on my face. The reason was simple : “Jitka”.
She was the redhead from the helpdesk and her bosom has already intrigued a lot of the colleagues. Usually her neckline was modest and did not show any clear cleavage but you could still see that has a pretty good pair of twins.  Today was different. It was a hot day so everybody tried to wear as little as possible and so did she.
She did not maybe know what she will cause to the office cause the real effect is only visible under sunlight. The moment she walked to me I could see the potential of her outfit so I invited her to go out with me for a smoke in the sun. I was happy when she accepted cause i knew that a good thing is going to happen. The moment we went out and the sun shined on her not so small chest I could see it and she could not have chosen a better brassiere. As I am not a man who can do a good explanation of a bra except for : WoW, OMG and YEEEHAA”, I will try to put it in the only way I know. It is one of those bra’s that make you think that life is beautiful and that it defies physics. Why it defies physics you ask? Simple, You look and you just wonder :”How is it possible that I see everything but do not see the nipples”. I must admit it was hard to keep eye contact with her and most of the time I did not.

To be honest looking at them just made me want to stick my face between her mountains and blowing hard allowing me to enjoy the wobble on my cheeks. That would be the perfect Tuesday, but since I had work to do I went to my computer and just did not move for some while cause my excitement did not let me.  😛

So what do you guys think? I know I still need to work a lot to improve my writing skills but that is also the purpose of this blog 😀

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