Fighting the post vacation depression

Vacation is over and now it is time to work.

The sad days are coming. The vacation is ower and now it is time to get back to the harsh reality of life and get back to work. For me it will be possibly even more stressful cause after 10 days of camping and being one with nature I have to come back to my IT job and sit at a desk and use a computer. Even more with overtime that I brought on myself to get vacation days so that I can travel till the end of the year. So how to get out of this after vacation depression? Well it is easy.

  1. Keep the memories and remember that the work is here to be able to afford the vacation you want. 
  2. Keep you goal in mind. As I said i took over a few more project just to get extra vacation days. So I have a plan. Work hard now to be able to have fun later. 
  3. Focus on the stuff you missed. For me it is the shower and my own bed. It is funny how you sometimes enjoy the simple pleasure of sleeping in your own bed. Well this is normal cause after more than 3 weeks I will finally have some alone time. 
  4. The stories. The fun part of going back from vacation in vacation season is that you get to share the stories. Not only the one you have to say but you will listen to a lot of cool stories from your friends, colleagues who were also on vacation in the same period. You never know but this kind of stories will maybe motivate you to go to the same location next year. 

Those are the 4 point I remember but I do belive there are more of them.

Phase 1 : Vodice 
This is the first time I brought foreigners to the seaside of my country. To be honest I was a little afraid to bring them cause you know as most people i do not think my country is special. I was surprised to see that they were enjoying them self so much and could not stop eating the local food. This part should not be so surprising cause currently I live in a Country that is not famous for its food and that is justified. Seeing them enjoying them self so much raised my morale and I started to see my own Country with different eyes and fell in love with it all over again. It seems we really do not know how to appreciate the things we have. 
Phase 2 : Zagreb
Well after the sea I went to Zagreb. This is the city where is lived for more than 10 years and I would say that this is the city that made me the man (with the mind of a 10-year-old boy) I am today. 
In Zagreb mostly I spend talking with friends about how is the life, what is new, and of course drinking a lot and enjoying local food. And the most important thing I got to see my cat again 😀
Phase 3 : Amazonas summer camp 
This is the 10 days of camping I was talking about and I plan to write a detailed post about it. The reason is simple: This summer camp is so cool that it deserves to have a dedicated post.
To explain the camp in one sentence I would say like this : Amazonas summer camp is the camp that you can truly find yourself and forget all forget everything that is bothering you! more to come soon ….
So tell me how was your vacation 😀

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