Anime fight of the month

It is no secret that I love anime so again some for you.  As a boy in a man’s body the coolest part of any anime series are the fights. So i decided to share the most coolest fight this month. Most of you have already seen it but for who have not this could be interesting.


And the winner is : Boku no Hero Academia 

Part 1

Par 2


This show is the beacon of light in the Anime world. It transcend from the regular “my power level is bigger then yours” what a lot of series do now. It was good in the age of Dragonball but now we want something more, something that will make us relate to the characters and feel their pain.

That is what you get in Boku no Hero Academia. The main protagonist is a boy who is powerless in a world full of super powers. His biggest dream in life is to defend the weak and become a true hero. To make it more understandable imagine you are a short guy in Holland and your biggest dream is to become a basketball player.  As the story progresses he manages to get a super power but he is unable to control it. Every time he uses it he breaks his bones cause it is too strong to handle at his current phase. This is actually the cool part cause because of that he fights intelligent and uses the power only when there is no other option. So to say it simply you can really see his resolve.

The fight above shows the resolve and pain of the main characters cause they need to fight one of the most dangerous person in the world who is known as “Hero Killer Stain” and survive. To explain it more they are not even real heroes but heroes in training so imagine the difference in power and experience.  To see how the fight ended look at the videos cause I will not spoil it for you 😀

With this scene I also want to share some of the best quotes in the series :


Forget about yourself for a second and try saving others. Don’t wield your power for your own sake. Because getting trapped by your own hate and acting out of pure self-interest… makes you the furthest thing from a hero.



Both this sham-filled society… and the criminals who wield their power in the name of petty mischief… are targets of my purge… All for the sake of a better society..

So tell me what do you think about this fight and also feel free to share your best scenes in Anime 😀





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