Anime wisdom

I had a discussion a while ago about what is my passion. It was weird cause I saw myself not being able to respond immediately. I have a lot of hobbies but I do not consider them to be my passion. First of all I am a hyper-energetic guy so I can not stand still... Continue Reading →


I am not a man of many believes, and to be honest all the religions seem just like fun mythologies to me. But i do believe in Karma and the rule that every action creates an equally strong reaction. So this post is going to be about the actions and reactions and the influence on... Continue Reading →

Nameless part 4

Today was not a day like any other. The birds were not singing and there were no more pigs to scream. Young man stood on the field with a question on his mind :"What now?" The field is full of bodies and it seems it would be to much of work to remove them. The... Continue Reading →

Funny wisdom

Today I was reading a book from one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett and decided to share with you some of his wisdoms.If you have never read his books let me give a little taste of the last quote that I read : You didn't usually get crocodiles serving behind a bar, but everyone... Continue Reading →


To label somebody. It is so simple. All my life I was surrounded by people who were labelling other and I must admit I probably did the same. The easiest example was the music. You either listened to rock, rap, folk, techno and ……  When I was in high school it was all about labelling,... Continue Reading →

Nameless part 3

Music was playing and song were in the air. Pigs were roasting and mead was going down throats in waterfalls. The only thing that was missing was some girls dancing. This is the problem when you have to much fun slaughtering a village that you forget to keep to girls for later. So with time... Continue Reading →

Nameless part 2

The pigs are fed and there is finally peace at the farm. it is time to do some real farm work. The corn seed was spread so it is time to fertilize it. It is simple but smelly work cause all you do is spread pig shit all over the field. Luckily for our young... Continue Reading →

Capoeira Capoeira

  For the last few years I am doing capoeira. I am not very good at it and because of my work and other reasons I was never a regular. This month I started capoeira again after a 5 month break and on the first training I remembered why I love it so much. Capoeira... Continue Reading →

Nameless part 1

It is a cold morning in the small village of who the fudge cares. The grass is green, the trees are existing and the pigs are screaming for their life. To be honest they are not screaming for their life but just for food. If you have never heard a pig scream you could swear... Continue Reading →

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