What is a day without socks

What is a day without socks you say. Well it is simple it is a day that you do not wear socks πŸ˜› Just kidding. A day without socks is the day on which you do not plan to leave the apartment and decide not to waste a perfect pair of sock on it. Some people say it is a day of depression but I would not agree with them. The day without socks is the day that you decide to focus on yourself and think about your past, present and the future. This is also the purpose of this blog. i will share with the reader about my life choices and where I ended up today. Also what are my plans for the future and how do I think to make them happen. To be honest it is not going to be so structured and maybe it will be a little chaotic.

In the end it will be fun for me since this is the first time I am writing a blog and hope it will grow with me. At least my grammar πŸ˜›

So enjoy the ride and remember : Every once and a while you need a day without socks.


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